Lindy has passed on

Sources on island are reporting that one of the island’s iconic characters has died.  If you’ve been to St. John, you’ve seen Lindy Frazier, a thin, tall man shuffling around the Park and downtown Cruz Bay, always holding a bottle of beer.  It was a Heineken.

Earlier this year, the Tradewinds reported Frazier had been hospitalized for a few days, but checked himself out to return to the streets of St. John.  He showed signs of more serious illness during the summer.  Sometimes he just lay on the street, prompting some, unfortunately, to make fun of him.

Lindy was known to everyone.  Rumors had it that Frazier’s family really owned 50% of Cruz Bay.  Or that he owned it alone.  So, you shouldn't worry about him.  He’s just eccentric.

Whatever the truth, he’s passed away.  You can bet there will be a Memorial service.  He was a character.

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    I’ve known Lindy for 25 years or more. When I first met him (pre-Hugo) he was still somewhat cogent and could hold a (fairly) reasonable conversation. About eight years ago after he had gotten out of jail after a 60-day stint, we ran into him in front of Joe’s Diner. He walked up to me and said as clearly as anyone ‘Hi Joe – can yo help me out? I just got out of Golden Rock and today’s my birthday and I just made 50 and sure could use a drink’… I gave him 20 bucks just for the literation!
    I do know that he was a fairly good piano player back in the day – might have even been a progidy in his youth. He once got busted by Father Mike for playing the organ at the old Catholic Church. Wouldn’t have been a big deal if he’d had clothes on… stark naked, middle of the day, drunk as drunk gets and he’s playing the organ naked. Only on St. John, huh?
    The story I recall as relates to his diminished mental capacities is that he used to drink alot of home-brewed Nightshade Tea to get high on back in the 70’s and 80’s and it killed too many braincells. One thing for sure – he had an immune system that should be studied…

  2. My first trip to STJ.-November, ’01-
    He was the only man skinnier,taller, and more relaxed than me…And I thought that I knew what “Island Time” meant…I
    bought him more than a beer,or two over the years. Not out of pity, but moreso out of respect of a grown man wanting to land on the ground that he walked on.He commanded a quiet respect.
    I remarked to my fiancee Amy, as we drove by Woody’s -Lindy was crossing the street-
    “Hey, he’s doing better!”
    I had read in different forums that he’d been sick.-
    Yet, He was still roaming around, to my strange delight.
    We left on 11/01(saturday), and he was gone Tuesday night…
    I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself properly, but –
    I hope he’s smiling. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than St. John. Hopefully he’s more fulfilled, (?) wherever he is. Not for nothing, but that’s where I’d like to cash in MY chips.
    I’m sure that I won’t forget him.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I remember the fellow well. Each time we came back to the island we would spot him in the square or hovering about one of the bars with his pants half way to his ankles.
    But I will always remember the brightness and honesty of his wonderful smile.
    Last year I bought him a beer from Woody’s. You would have thought I had given him a house.
    Peace be with you Lindy. I’m sure you have your pants pulled up now.
    Alan Smith

  4. We first met Lindy 26 plus years ago on our honeymoon. On our visits every year since he has been someone we looked for as soon as we hit the ferry dock. He was a quiet presence on the island and seemed to have a good heart. We will miss him on our next visit and hope that he is resting peacefully in yet another beautiful place.

  5. I remember Lindy and what was thought to be his sister since the 1980’s. Rumor was their parents owned most of Cruz Bay waterfront. When I think of St. John they are a vivid piece of the picture.

  6. I remember Lindy going back as far as the 80s too, and was always glad to see him whenever we returned. I’ll miss his smile, and his presence in the community we love so much.
    Godspeed, Lindy.

  7. Our family has been visiting St John since 1985. When the children were very young, they would be frightened by Lindy, especially when he would come by the car and smile at them. Eventually, our daughter made a game that she played each time we “hit” the island…where’s LINDY? Even at 4 years old, she would always say “he’s not mean, he’s just laughing at a joke inside his head! He won’t hurt you!”..and she would wave and smile at him and he would wave and smile back! What a wonderful memory for our family…and peace be with you Lindy.

  8. Lindy…I just decided to google him today after telling firends about how he was back in the day. When I was a Ranger there in St John, he would always come around and help me unload my boat. He’d call me Miss Korpse which always cracked me up. I would go across the street to the fruit stand and buy him what ever he wanted. It usually was an orange soda. There were many times when we were called to gather up naked Lindy and take him to the clinic for his meds. I gotta say, he and his “business” made me blush.
    Rest in clothes, please Lindy…angels blush too!

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