Let the voting begin!



While Clinton and Obama continue campaigning, voting on the design for the Virgin islands Quarter is underway.

Here’s the link: http://www.governordejongh.com/features/2008/quarter/index.html

As of Friday morning, about 325 ‘ballots’ had been cast in favor of one of the three proposed designs.

Actually, there are two ways to vote.  You can download a PDF of a ballot and mail it in (Get PDF here).  Or you can scroll to the bottom of the Web page where there is an online poll widget.

4 thoughts on “Let the voting begin!”

  1. I am surprised it isn’t the Trunk Bay overlook on the back of the quarter. I realize it is on STJ and doesn’t truly represent the other Virgin Isles. Still, it is pretty recognizable to many as USVI.

  2. Given that anyone can take part in that poll, I wonder how much the results will influence the final selection?
    It would seem to me that anyone who is a permanant resident of the USVI should hold the most sway in the choice.
    That said (and no, I’m not a resident of the USVI), I’m torn between the first and last choices.
    I like the first choice for no other reason than I think it’s important for the VI to be recognized for its place in history.
    I like the last choice because not only does it represent the three major islands, but it serves to promote tourism.

  3. The Euro has the same coins with different pictures from each country
    it represents. So why not 3 quarters
    with what best represents each Island..??

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