Blue about Island Blues

You knew something was up when Island Blues took out an ad in the Tradewinds and the Daily News which said the waterside bar in Coral Bay was for sale, and the owner wanted a quick deal.  They may have gotten one, but for now the place is closed.

DiverDrew posted on the Virgin Islands Online Forum, “When we drove past Island Blues on Tuesday night (5/20) there was a sign out front saying ‘Last Day – come say goodbye’ or something like that. We ate there late last week – so at least we got one last meal in.”  While Marcia added a post that there is a rumor the place has been bought by someone stateside and there are plans to reopen the place in a couple weeks.

2 thoughts on “Blue about Island Blues”

  1. We are sorry to hear that Island Blues has closed. Luckily, we too got to eat there on our recent May trip. It was always good to stop for a quick bite…dinner…or whatever on our way home from the beach. Hope they reopen soon….my favorite Island waitress, Brandy worked there.
    I liked the burger as much as Skinny’s….but if they do reopen I hope they have a better recipe for iced tea….I know…I know…it is a “firewater” watering hole, but I just wish that one of those Coral Bay places would come up with a fabulous iced tea for those of us who opt out of spirits.

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