La Tapa gets a new neighbor

That building going up between La Tapa and the Police Department is going to be occupied by the Virgin Islands Legislature

Its current space, up the hill from Sprauve School, has a flooding problem on the first floor. It is also unsafe, according to Louis Willis, the Legislature's director.  He worries the ceiling could fall.

Meanwhile, St. John's Craig Barshinger, the At Large Senator, is warning that the new building layout is all wrong.  "A disaster is brewing," he said in an e-mail blast to voters and the media.  He says "foolhardiness and waste" are responsible for a layout which allows no place to sit for people attending a public hearing.

Furthermore, his new office is too small. "Not even big enough to keep my filing cabinets and desks.  When you come visit me, you will wonder why (I) am doing business out of a closet."

Se. Barshinger is trying to pressure the Legislature to re-plan space usage in the new building which, by the way, is, like the current building, owned by former Sen. Robert O'Connor Jr.

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