Two new eateries at Marketplace

The Facebook page of the Sun Times Magazine is always worth watching. 

Stmag The Inquiring Iguana came across two interesting items there in the last week, courtesy of the magazine's publisher, Ella Anderson.

First, she reports a new restaurant is opening at the Marketplace on Wednesday. Lone Star Taqueria  will offer breakfast and lunch.

Second, soon come a new tenant in the Baked in the Sun space on the third floor of the Marketplace.

Sam and Jack's Deli will open Feb. 1.  The owner, John Ferrigno, says lunch and dinner will be served, with no entree higher than $18.  Look for good things from this spot, given that he is also the brains and energy and style at his other business, Zozo's Ristorante at Wharfside. 

  • The Sun Times Magazine's Facebook page is here

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