Kitchen change at Asolare?

AsolareThe Inquiring Iguana and the Mrs., along with some friends of long-standing from Chicago, had a fantastic dinner Thursday night at Asolare . Lamb, filet mignon, sushi, salmon, it was among the best ever.

After dinner, the Iguana was told that Aaron Willis – the culinary genius behind the Stone Terrace, who had left the family operation to join the island’s chain of upscale eateries and was asssigned to the restaurant overlooking Cruz Bay, has left St. John.  He’s been assigned to a new restaurant on St. Thomas, owned by the same company.  As Drudge would say, "developing." 

The Iguana’s dinner mates, by the way, ate at Stone Terrace the night before and also praised it as "fantastic."  Looks like the island’s upscale dining choices are alive and well.

It’s Joe’s barbecue tonight.  Gotta average down the food spending.

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