What’s your favorite beach?

St. John’s got dozens of beaches and after a few visits, you begin to have favorites.  Xislandgirl, an active member at Virgin Islands On-Line, decided to ask fellow forumites where they liked to catch some rays and snorkel for Blue Tangs. 

The winners?  Among the choices on the ballot, Hawksnest limped into first place with 18% of the votes, beaten badly by "Other’s" 61%.

In this week’s podcast, Xislandgirl says she was surprised that HER favorite appears to be lots of others’ perfect place, and she didn’t even put it on the ballot: Francis Bay.  Some may fault it for no see-ums, but you have to love it for the lack of crowds and the fantastic patrolling Pelicans.

Hear Islandgirl, a.k.a. DeeDee from Connecticut, talk about the island’s best beaches. Click the play button below.

You can download or hear the file by clicking here.

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