Kenny Chesney’s house is for sale

Aerial Greatroom Country Music’s biggest star has put his Susannaberg villa up for sale.  The price to live like a rock and roll star: $9.9 million.

The seven-bedroom, seven-bath property has a three-car garage, spa, and outdoor pool with a water slide.  Nearly 8,000-square feet, the house sits on 1.6 acres of hilltop off Centerline Road, overlooking Hawksnest Trunk Bay and the north shore. (The Google map above is showing the Susannaberg area, not specifically the house location.)

“Situated amidst and abutting preserved National Park lands, this exclusive family compound is only 5 minutes from Cruz Bay,” the listing says. “No expense was spared.” 

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Listing of the house is another move off island by Chesney. He’s previously sold other St. John property and this fall, for the first time in a few years, there have been no reported star sitings at Woody’s or anywhere else.  It’s become a tradition that when Chesney’s summer tours ended, he’d fly the band down to St. John for some active relaxing.  Not this year, so far.

  •   Islandia Real Estate has the listing for Chesney’s manse: here.

12 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney’s house is for sale”

  1. he did not tour this yr, so doubt he would bring everyone down end of the tour, since there was none.
    also, maybe it is NO big deal when he is on island, so no one reports it…..he does blend in.

  2. In most states the licensing for a commercial Realtor is exactly the same as it is for a residential real estate license. Just getting licensed isn’t going to allow you to walk into a 70k-100k/yr job, but will likely see that or more if you know what you are doing. Being a Realtor is a 100% commissioned job and it takes time to build your business.

  3. That’s such a beautiful place to live in. I can imagine the cold, gentle breeze as I watch the sunset sinking near the ocean. Someone must have bought that house by now. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live there? =)

  4. Just checked on the current price: $7.9 million – the upper end of the market has really got pummeled, and this one is down 2 million. The real estate market has a way to bottom too. Look for this property to eventually sell for about 4 million. Food is super expensive on USVI, and you will go island crazy. Better luck next time KC. I am a fan of his music and he has a great attitude toward his fans. 🙂

  5. Just took s catamaran ride by his place..WOW….where u at boy…
    Wus hoping to have one with you on cinnamon bay…yea rite…hey
    being in a place like St. John makes you widsh stuff like dat

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