Kenny Chesney Releases Video Featuring St. John

One of the island’s most popular part-time residents just released a nice little Christmas video, and we think you’re all going to like it. It features some familiar spots and possibly even a few familiar faces including two of the coolest kids on island. Check it out…

61 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney Releases Video Featuring St. John”

  1. Nice song when you listen to it and overall a nice music video outside of the fact that it’s basically an ad for his rum. Money talks.

  2. Perhaps with some of the proceeds from the sale of his rum, he will contribute generously to Save Coral Bay!

    Merry Christmas!

      • http://www.savecoralbay.com Read all about the proposed plan to change the nature of St. John forever. A mega yacht marina with 145 slips covering 30% of the bay. Massive destruction of the environment. Shopping area with high end stores like Gucci, etc. Exclusive club for yacht owners. Nothing for the community.
        Residents of Coral Bay and visitors from around the world have formed forces to fight the construction. Lawyers have been hired, appeals have been filed.
        Kenny Chesney has been contacted and asked to support the opposition to a project that will change the island he loves so much.
        He has remained mum so far.

        • Oh yeah! Joan! Now I know I know who you are. My husband built Calabash Boom that helped support the local low income St. Johnians but YOU and your COUNCIL were against it. I guess because you are living pretty sweet and that didn’t affect you. Glad to see the development be helpful for locals.. Anyway, I’m sure, wait excuse me, I know his following is far greater than you will ever realize and if he never even came to the VI he is and would be a massive country star. How dare you use his celebrity against him for not doing what you want. Btw how do YOU know what he has an has not done for the island? Who are you to judge other people’s finances and actions? I understand you are passionate about Coral Bay as an I but the way you address people is to me disgusting.

    • He has been contacted by several people about donating to the fund to Save Coral Bay. He has done nothing to save the island that has done so much for his career.

      • That is an absolutely incorrect statement. Perhaps you should say he has done nothing to benefit you. 18 years I have lived on this island and have seen his generosity first hand. Shame on you and your selfishness

        • I agree with you Bowman. He has done a lot of good for this island, particularly with tourism which is how we all survive. He is always kind when he is on island too. He also gave a large amount of money to the park recently.

  3. The Bahamas is a beautiful magical place with crystal clear blue water white sands and I go every year and I would love nothing more than to be with a great singer and person and meet him in one of the most beautiful places on earth

  4. Even the cute Clydesdale’s everyone loves in their commercials is that a commercial to sell beer. Enjoy it for what it is. A catchy tune with some great video of the place we all love.

        • So When Pressure promotes his song “So Nice” and doesn’t help save Coral Bay he’s in the same self promoting category??
          Just curious since he’s making money off iTunes for that song. Does he stand up against and donate for Save Coral Bay? Not sure. I was just wondering.. Joan, has Pressure or Rock Coty or why about Inner Visions??

  5. Joan summed it up–plus I’m a Cruzan Dark guy but we still love ya Kenny… If Kenny wants to keep his piece of the rock the way it is, he’ll pony up and write a nice big fat check to save Coral Bay!!!!!!

  6. i have no doubt that if Kenny visits the website he will WANT to do everything in his power to stop the horrid Mega Yacht Marina that the SEG wants to build. I have faith…all he needs to do is see their plan!

  7. It amazes me how quickly people want to bash someone because they are a celebrity. Of course that video is an advertisment for Blue Chair Bay. It was designed to be that way. If you don’t like the rum or the video, don’t buy it or watch it.

    There are people on STJ whose personal wealth FAR exceeds that of Kenny Chesney. I don’t see anyone bashing any of them. Many feel they are not welcome in Coral Bay but their money sure is.

  8. Well, okay. But why hasn’t he at least given his voice, if not a few bucks to help fight the SEG marina project? Am I mistaken? Maybe he has, but I don’t think so. Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

  9. The proceeds from his album ‘Life on a Rock’ went to benefit the National Park on St. John. I personally am completely opposed to the marina in Coral Bay and possibly he is doing something. Just because he isn’t shouting his deeds from the rooftops doesn’t mean he isn’t doing anything.
    The marina is supposed to bring $$ to St John. Well, I can see how that looks enticing, however it would taint the image of St John as an escape and unblemished island. If you want to shop go to St Thomas. St John is for relaxing and taking in the amazing and beautiful landscape that is somewhat untouched. I come to St John yearly and have never come for the shopping!! I do love the local art though!

  10. Joan,
    Chill! There are a lot more pressing issues in the world and rum ain’t one of them!
    Go pick some ‘magic mushrooms’ up on Centerline and wash them down @ Woody’s!
    Merry Christmas!
    Former STJ resident & visitor since 1972

    • I’m a pretty chill person. But I don’t do Magic mushrooms and I don’t hang out at Woody’s. Too many drunks in there.
      Yes, there are much more pressing issues than rum. We who are working to Save Coral Bay would like KC to just acknowledge the fight to Save Coral Bay.
      KC has had personal conversation about the effort to Save Coral Bay with someone I know. He has all the info he needs.
      I also know that as of today, I have not processed a donation from him. But I am still hoping that perhaps a portion of proceeds from Blue Chair Bay Christmas will be donated to the cause.

  11. Love the video, amazing scenery that I’ve been lucky enough to have visited many times.

    I know one of the beaches that is shown with Kenny playing guitar while sitting down is Denis Bay but there is a second beach that is shown, and I can’t put a finger on what beach it is.

    Can anyone help?


  12. Joan,

    Save Coral Bay is an extremely worthwhile cause and definitely something that should be supported by everyone that loves St. John. That being said, with your persistent badgering and kvetching with respect to Kenny Chesney, I assume that you THINK that you’re helping but you’re not. You’re hurting. You’re losing more supporters than gaining them. I’m surprised that the more astute organizers of the effort haven’t told you as much. If you truly believe in the Save Coral Bay movement you’ll stop. If not, then carry on. Grind your axe.

    • I have to agree. There is an angry vibration that is spread by Joan that is as toxic as toxins. She thinks she has the answer and the whole of everyone needs to jump on board exactly where she wants and how she wants and by God she better be informed of exactly how they r doing it. Relax and send out the love and release the judgemental jargon.

      • Agreed. She is always this way with community “happenings” like she’s the Queen of Coral Bay. Maybe she should be a little more laid back, FRIENDLY, and accepting. I can’t imagine working with someone so negative to try to bring positivity..

  13. I know KC kept a powerboat at AYH for years. Anyone ever think maybe he’d rather keep his boat(s) in a STJ marina?
    Why is it required he be against the proposed marina, doesn’t everyone get an opinion?
    Hell, he may be their biggest backer:)

  14. David I too was wondering if Chesney was the Marina’s biggest backer—what a great place for his boat and his Blue Chair Rum store. Not that I am for environmental destruction, but on a positive note, maybe the marina could help with the coral bay dumpster situation.

  15. Joan,
    I appreciate your willingness to spend your time and energy to preserve St. John and what you think is best for the island. That being said, you come across with what we call the “negative, better than others, transplant” attitude. These type of people seem to get an attitude about newbies or vacationers (even though they were once the same) after living in the islands for awhile and then become judgemental and rude. They claim to know what is best but are coming from a different perspective because they don’t truly know what it’s like to be a local. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that you have to have been born here to be a local but what you do have to do is live a truly local life. This does not mean living in the big house on the hill and sending your children to private school. It means experiencing the other side of the island life that is not so easy. No hard feelings, just some words of wisdom from someone who knows what it’s like to be only white girl at her school, who didn’t have shoes on her feet or the big fancy house on the hill, whose parents would have jumped at the job opportunity that this new expansion would have given them. There are always 2 sides Joan, and the wisest of people look at both and step inside the other’s shoes.

    Just FYI, in no way am I suporting the expansion, just asking you to sit back a moment and reflect.

  16. Thanks to Kenny we can once again see parts of St. John. I remember the Denis Bay from when my boys were little and we visited Peter & Nita Griffith where they lived in the ruins there…The dock was still there….I’d love to see it all again…The beach in Kenny’s video could be anywhere if we didn’t know…Thanks Kenny…We love yr music in Kentucky!!

  17. What a beautiful song! Love it! Grew up playing and diving there. Born on Tortola, BVI. I’ll buy that rum just because I love what it reminds me of. This is the best video I have ever seen because it shows the beauty of the islands that I love! Great job Kenny! Maybe I’ll see ya around one day.

  18. Thank you, Kenny for putting that video together and showcasing the beautiful VI! It made me home sick and can not wait to get back!!!! Maybe some day I will run into Kenny!!! I am always 5 minutes ahead or behind when he is there…

    Merry Christmas, Kenny and to all of you there! Great video! Great song, Great Rum! Be happy everyone! 🙂

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