Palm Tree Charters Gets New Owners

john at boat

There isn’t anyone on island who loves St. John, in my opinion, more than Captain John Brandi of Palm Tree Charters. For the past several years, Captain John was a fixture on the water here, cruising up and down the North Shore and making the near daily trek to the BVIs while entertaining guests along the way with his stories, charm and wit. He chronicled his travels on Facebook starting with an early morning weather post and typically ending with a shot at his favorite place – the Soggy Dollar Bar.

You may have noticed that Captain John hasn’t been posting as frequently lately. Well that’s because he’s had some health issues lately and sadly today, he announced that he and Island Sue have sold Palm Tree Charters. Bridgett and Jimmy Key will now head up the popular business, and will continue the Palm Tree Charters’ “You Choose the Cruise” tradition. We know them well and are certain and they’ll do a great job.

st johnopoly pic
Jimmy and Bridgett Key (far left) along with some News of St. John friends at the St. Johnopoly launch party.

So please join me in showing Captain John some island love while congratulating Bridgett and Jimmy…

14 thoughts on “Palm Tree Charters Gets New Owners”

  1. You’ll always be the best in the business, John! Congrats to Bridgett and Jimmy! Sending you the very best wishes for you and Sue! Cheers to a healthy and happy 2015! xoxo – The Blanton’s

  2. I can’t help but feel a bit sad knowing that there are health issues involved. 🙁 I wish it was because John just didn’t want to leave the island anymore and decided that the Soggy Dollar drinks just were missing some nutmeg. I wish John good health first and foremost.
    Secondly, wishing the new owners much fun and success. Please continue the daily updates that made the facebook page of Palm Tree Charters so much fun! You have big flip flops to fill but I can’t imagine John selling to anyone that he didn’t feel was perfect for the job. Good luck!

  3. First, I hope that the health issues are not serious and that John is feeling better soon! We were lucky enough to go out twice with Palm Tree Charters and had a blast both times!! We wish John and Sue good health and much happiness!!

  4. We always look forward to friendly waves from our colleague–the friendliest captain In Cruz Bay. You will be missed Captain John. Many good times together sharing the pond with you over the years fine comrade! All the best in your next chapter…you are never far. And…best wishes to the new team, hope you have an equally great adventure. See you out there!

  5. I was wondering where u were…I am hoping the health stuff is minimal. I will miss your postings and sense of humor. Here’s to a healthy retirement, keep us posted what you and sue are doing….I am very sad, but happy you will have some free time for sue’s honey do’s! All the best to you both

  6. Well Captain John, Had a couple of health issues the last couple of years myself, and if I can “bounce” back, I have every confidence you’ll do the same and come back better than ever!

    I’ve sent a lot of guests to you over the years and in every case – it wasn’t the charter it was you Captain Brandi that made the day full of excitement with your stories and yarns!

    Mike Mullen – owner
    Sopra and Bordo Mare

  7. So sad to hear:(. From the days on the fuel dock John has always been a phenomenal inspiration to me. He is one person out of few that I will truly miss. Best wishes, John and I hope all will be as well as they can be.


  8. We are sad to hear that Captain John is suffering some health issues. We’ve loved our trips out with him. He’s the best! Our prayers are with him and his lovely wife.

  9. John, Know that we will keep you in our prayers for the return of good health, so that you may enjoy a good long healthy retirement with Sue. We so enjoyed your company and your stories the last few years while you showed us the islands….we’ll miss handing you a cold one from Woody’s as you drive by, and will always enjoy watching your St. John Christmas video with the lovely Sue — which helps get us through until our next visit to St. John. All the best to you!

  10. I’m a little late hearing the news but know you and Sue are in my thoughts and prayers for your health to be 100%. Last time we were on island we had a nice conversation at Motu’s. Always interesting to talk to! Be well Capt. John Brandi. Your friends from NJ Jannette & Quenton

  11. Happy Holidays Sue & John. I hope you feel better John. Best wishes for you and Sue. Always looked forward to your Christmas video. Cheers my friend from Wells Maine

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