Kenny Chesney alert!

If history is any guide. Kenny Chesney may be on island soon.

His Flip Flop Summer Tour wraps up this weekend in Atlanta.  TicketsNow.com has seats in the 3rd row, center offered at $950.00.

But when Chesney does his last encore, watch out. Traditionally, that’s the time when he charters a plane and takes the band to St. John to kick back. Kycd05_2So, you might expect Kenny sightings at Woody’s or even in the alley in back, where Anderson Cooper interviewed him for 60 Minutes. (See the video.)

At the same time, a new Chesney CD will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 11.  It’s his first new music in two years. And Amazon is offering a deal on it.  Own it for $9.99.  You can order it through the Gift Shop. The online store has two other Chesney CDs at that price, too.Compose Post

14 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney alert!”

  1. Now that the entire collection of readers know there’s a chance Kenny may be on the island, he should seek solace somewhere else. The guy is just coming off a huge tour. The last thing he needs are fans hounding him during his R&R! I think everyone should respect him and go about their business and vacationing. All careers require some peace and quiet…he is not any different than the rest of us!

  2. Nicely said and I agree, trust me he doesn’t just sing on his tours, these guys intertain you!! I just wish I had a ounce of his energy!! Let them all rest in peace down there, doing what ever, when ever with out fans hounding him! They all need to rest.

  3. His show is incredible! Kenny and his band certainly deserve respect and privacy. They are out there for all to see and give 110% to their fans every week. The very least they should receive is privacy. I dont have a doubt that the locals will respect them and allow them the freedom to relax, it’s the tourist I worry about. Kenny loves this community and shows respect when he is here, hopefully he will be able to relax and bust out more incredible music while on the island!

  4. I agree whole-heartedly! He’s just as real as the rest of us who NEED that special relaxation time away from “real life”. Can’t wait to be on island in December myself.

  5. I would imagine people will leave Kenny and his team be….whenever they are on island.
    I think it is very nice of him to take his whole team to paradise…..that is a pretty good boss don’t ya think……:)

  6. Kenny and crew won’t be on island immediately following the tour this year. Kenny’s new CD comes out on the 11th and Kenny will be doing at least a 2 week radio promo tour and will be on Good Morning America and Conan O’Brien and maybe some other shows. I’m sure he’ll end up on island eventually but not next week.

  7. I lived on St. John for 10 years and it WASN’T the tourists who followed him around and bugged him, it was the locals. Stop hating on the tourists, we’re not the problem. Besides if it weren’t for tourists, (most)of you couldn’t work and live there.
    Try a little gratitude and kindness the next time you see a tourist- be grateful that they came to witness such a beautiful place.

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kenny Chesney while he was on tour just recently in SF CA. Though it was a very brief encounter his kindness I and my husband will never forget. Kenny thank you for seeing me and stopping to say hello and crouching down next to my wheel chair to take a picture. You asked if I was having a good time tonight and if we (my husband & I) were having a good time tonight, I replied yes. Well, yes we did from the Parking lot @ 930 am all the way til the show was over! Thank you for coming to my hometown, SF CA and taking the time to embrace it and saying such nice things about it. You know, we played “Me & You” as I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life…meeting you meant more than you will ever know. Best wishes to you and your crew. Thanks for being Real.
    Maybe someday my husband & I will make it to the islands to see what you call paradise. You saw what I call paradise…SF CA! My Husband’s Paradise is Lake Tahoe CA. To all of you…give Kenny a chance he is truly a nice man.

  9. I hope I get to meet Kenny Chesney someday and hopefully at the Houston, TX concert and I hope that happeneds!!!!!!!!!
    ~ Jennifer ~

  10. Me and my daughter plan on seeing Kenny in concert in KC MO. My daughter was diahnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the age 5yrs old. Now she has a tumor in her brain and her bones are saying she is 13yrs old, but shes only 9yrs old. She is in love with Kenny and wants to meet him. We hope her dreams come true and she will get that chance soon. If any one can help my email address is [email protected] My website is http://www.helpingkidswithcancer.com. Ambers story is on my website. She has touched so many hearts. Thx Edna

  11. Kenny i have been a big fan of yours since the song “when i close my eyes” and a long time dream to drive semi for you, looking for a good driver? Im your man. 14 years experience. Have a great season, we attended your Columbus OH. concert at Crew stadium by the way, it was truly awesome, and of course i was checking out your fleet of Petes. Keep those songs pumping out brother you’re doing GREAT!!

  12. Kenny Chesney! just saying that name makes me tremble… i love you so much! Just call me your biggest fan~ My ultimate dream is to meet you and not be “just another fan” YOur music is my life and i hope someday to go to St. John for us to hang out. But not JUST st. john, maybe we can go everywhere together(not trying to sound weird but thats ALL i think about!!)- just like your cds and I do!!

  13. Kenny may be in the islands as of TODAY – 9/20. On Saturday the 19th he had his final concert in Indianapolis, IN. And on the 17th he was in Bloomington, IL.

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