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While Coral Bay is rapidly developing … ’cause that’s where the available land is … it’s still kind of laid back and relaxed.  Which explains why its choices for a meal are all over the map. From a fantastic budget breakfast at the Donkey Diner to a moonlit, waterside dinner at Miss Lucy’s, the variety is broad.

Frankly, Coral Bay is often a state of mind.  Its restaurants range from tacky to white tablecloth.  Enjoying Coral Bay is easy to do.  Sometimes you’re in a rock-and-roll state of mind, other times you’re looking for smooth and relaxing. So, in choosing a Coral Bay restaurant or bar, vote for the one where you have the most fun and the best memories.

3 thoughts on “Vote for favorite Coral Bay restaurant”

  1. Miss Jewel’s van…?
    Our favorite lunch spot in Coral Bay used to be Miss Jewel’s lunch stop, serving up incredible Caribbean home cookin’ from that that old, immobilized, white step van right outside ‘downtown Cruz Bay.’ We were saddened to find it closed up on our last vacation visit. Can any residents shed light on Miss Jewel’s whereabouts?
    Also, voted for Chateau Bordeaux as best–though not sure it belongs in poll with other Coral Bay spots: it is really in a class by itself–both geographically & culinarily. Possibly the best restaurant on SJ , and maybe all of the USVI (equalled only by Sugar Mill on Tortola?)

  2. I am torn……….I love Sweet Plantains but also Skinny’s for burgers, Donkey for Breakfast and pizza to.
    I love Shipreck and Island Blues for Nachos and stuff……..

  3. Frank- this one’s tough. The variety of restaurant experiences in Coral bay is so wide!
    I picked Miss Lucy’s cuz lunch with the goats was one of the best times I’ve ever had on-island and the view and breezes are heavenly.
    But, I’ve also had donkey experiences at the Donkey Diner, melt-in-your-mouth pork tenderloin at Aqua Bistro, the best sandwich specials at Island Blues etc.
    Really tough call!

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