Kayaking Maho Bay

A visitor from Washington DC, on island for a day trip from St. Thomas, brought along a folding kayak and lived to blog about it.

"Weeble" explained how it took about an hour to get the Feathercraft (kayak) assembled. Once in the water, things got a bit rough. "To my dismay, she was weathercocking pretty hard into the wind," Weeble wrote. "Early on, I tried to compensate by changing my stroke. This became a real struggle that I could not sustain. It was putting real pressure on my left rotator cuff. Not fun."

2 thoughts on “Kayaking Maho Bay”

  1. Overall, this is a boring story; however, what I believe this author / traveler has missed is the REASON for a visit to the Virgin Islands. It is to RELAX!
    Throughout his day at Maho Bay, his watch was his master. It drove him to short conversations, (he was on a stop watch), paddling like crazy, (his family was somewhere else(!?) waiting to meet him for the ferry to St. Thomas). At every moment of his time at Maho Bay with his Kayak, his top priority was to maintain the highest efficiency in all acts, (how quickly can he build his kayak, etc.), in order to do what?
    He shouldn’t have carried his “normal” type A lifestyle from the mainland to the islands. He would live longer and happier if he stopped, sat on the beach, and smoked a joint. 🙂
    Lighten up buddy!

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