Just in Time for the Holidays:  St. Johnopoly is Ready to Ship!

Just in Time for the Holidays: St. Johnopoly is Ready to Ship!

Happy Cyber Monday to you all!  Anyone else out there getting absolutely inundated with texts and emails about deals on the world wide web today?  Me too!  LOL.  If you’re having trouble making a decision about which direction to go for holiday gift giving, let me help you out.  The Fourth Edition of St. Johnopoly is now ready to go!  To those of you who pre-ordered your games, they are already en route to you!  If you haven’t yet ordered a copy of everyone’s favorite island-style board game, there is still time for a guaranteed holiday delivery.

If you haven’t heard of St. Johnopoly™ before…Well, it’s like being on St. John when you can’t be!

It’s just like the traditional Monopoly board game, but it’s 100% customized for the island of St. John. Using game tokens such as a jeep, sea turtle, palm trees… The 4th Edition features many new businesses since the last edition was released. Land on your favorite island spots including Maho Crossroads, The Beach Bar, The Longboard, Extra Virgin Bistro, Woody’s, and more!

Just in Time for the Holidays: St. Johnopoly is Ready to Ship! 1

There are a few ways to obtain your copy of St. Johnopoly in time for Christmas.

  • Order online:  All orders placed by next week will be guaranteed delivery for the upcoming holidays.
  • Purchase on St. John: The games will be available at both Maho Crossroads and Lovango Rum Bar by the end of next week.  Pop in, grab a drink and pick up your copy of St. Johnopoly right here on island!

I hope that all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend and I look forward to sharing a ton of holiday cheer from Love City over the next couple of weeks.   Keep an eye out for some other great holiday gift ideas, new bosting excursions, business openings, holiday events and general news you can use while visiting us during this most wonderful time of the year!

Well, I don’t want to keep you from ordering your copy of St. Johnopoply>>>Order online today to make the lovers of Love City in your life smile BIG TIME on Christmas Day 🙂

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