Joe’s Rum Hut Reopens with New Look

The View from Joe's Rum Hut
The View from Joe’s Rum Hut

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! Earlier this week, we mentioned how Joe’s Rum Hut recently reopened. We finally had the time to swing by yesterday for Happy Hour, and we took lots of pics for all of you. Check out the new look and its new menu…

Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 1
Beachside seating
Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 2
New look for the inside bar
Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 3
Rebecca is one of the new bartenders at Joe’s Rum Hut.
Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 4
Alternate view of inside bar area
Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 5
A new, large stairwell leads to the beach.
Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 6
Happy that they kept the pretty Adirondack chairs!
Joe's Rum Hut Reopens with New Look 7
Joe’s Rum Hut is now a cash only bar.

Joe’s Rum Hut is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Happy Hour is daily from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and features $4 “you call it.” Joe’s Rum Hut is owned by Joe DeCourcy. Joe owns all of Wharfside Village, from Beach Bar down to the former Waterfront Bistro location.

29 thoughts on “Joe’s Rum Hut Reopens with New Look”

  1. as an avid st. john lover we thank all of you hard working people for maKING THIS LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN SPARKLE AND COME BACK TO LIFE. LOOKS AND SOUNDS GREAT. GOOD LUCK TO ALL ON ST. JOHN.SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.

  2. 1.) Will they be expanding the menu and returning to what it was before the storm? The previous menu had so many great options and the food was so yummy!

    2.) Is the ‘cash only’ a temporary thing? If so, when will they be accepting credit cards again?

    Thank you for update… it’s greatly appreciated.

  3. So nice to see them re-opened. Missed them on our December 2019 and 2018 visits. Been dreaming about their Big G ever since having it pre-storms – so glad it’s still on the menu. Nice they still have their your call happy hours – completely understand raising the price from $3 to $4. Also curious about cash only. Missing the old casual “Hut” look, but nevertheless happy they are finally open. Can’t wait to get back!

  4. Great news and looks nice! No pizza on the menu?? Jenn, any update on what will happen with the Waterfront Bistro site? A new restaurant…bar….other?

  5. Does anyone even carry cash these days? Seems like that would be a deterrent to go there and spend a bunch of money while enjoying beautiful Cruz Bay. I wish them well!! I was there right before Irma hit. Loved it!!

    • I hope “Cash Only” is very temporary. I’m with you Ron..cash? What’s that when traveling? HaHa. See you all in a month!

    • Cash only is temporary. We have been anxious to open and didn’t want to wait in the computer system.
      Credit cards will be accepted again!

  6. So excited Joe’s is open again. Is cash only just for food or for drinks, too? Do they have an ATM — don’t like to carry that much cash. Any chance of bringing pizza back? We take kids with us and they will only eat pizza and Mac and Cheese. The pizza at Joe’s is always our first, last and in between stops.

  7. Love it but hate the “cash only” – strage! I use credit cards so I guess I’ll be at the Beach Bar for food or after happy hour! Loved the Hut and wish them well – The cash thing wont fly though! Who wants to walk around with a wad of cash in their shorts???

  8. I’m so excited they are open!! I can’t wait to be back on island. A little disappointed its a cash bar though. Looks nice and new and clean and sort of Miami, but would have preferred it be more “island -dy” But so happy for them to be open – (that’s most important)

  9. We stopped by yesterday and it is very un-joe’s rum hut. It’s slick and fancy with really weak drinks. The home made potato chips are gone, they said the new “chef” serves premade chips. We’ll continue to miss the funky Joe’s Rum Hut.

  10. Looks wonderful! Honestly that whole beach is looking better than ever. Love that they replanted some palms along the road, too.

    Hopefully the “Cash Only” is temporary. Hate to carry much cash on vacation.

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