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Once local business recently posted a want ad on the web and one thing really struck us as being pretty funny … The poster is asking potential candidates to send a current photograph along with their resume. A photograph??? Any guesses as to where appearance is potentially a factor in the hiring process?

I hate to say it, but it’s one of our favorite spots – The Beach Bar. (Sorry Nikki and crew. You know how much I love having a Bushwacker at the BB, but this was too funny not to share.)

All joking aside, this is a pretty cool opportunity for the right person. Here’s the ad in its entirety:

Doesn’t happen often – The Beach Bar is hiring! Kitchen staff, Bartenders, Bar back. Now’s the time to get onboard. 

If you have what it takes to join the rockstar staff of The Beach Bar, let us know. Min of two years experience in a high volume bar. Please include a resume and current photograph.

Think you have what it takes to work on one of St. John’s most popular spots? If so, you can email them here. Want to see the Beach Bar in action? Check out their live bar webcam here.

Here are a few other jobs listed on the site:

  • The Coral Bay Community Council is looking for qualified people to fill the positions of Solid Waste Management Planner; Water Supply Planner; Wastewater Treatment Planner and Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessor. Click here to learn more about these positions.
  • A “5 Star resort” is looking for line cooks. Candidates must be culinary school graduates with fine dining experience. Learn more about that opportunity here.
  • Drift Away Spa is looking for a licensed esthetician. Here are the details on that one.

Businesses are also looking for bartenders, office assistants and more. Check out the full list here.

Prefer to be your own boss? The Village Cafe (which we wrote about on July 25) just had a drastic price reduction from $78,000 to $50,000. Here’s the ad for that one:

A quaint, sidewalk cafe, bar & grille located at the popular Wharfside Village shopping complex, a high-traffic location just steps away from the ferry dock, in the heart of Cruz Bay. Five year lease with 2 five year options. All equipment is 1 year old. Newly renovated, including plumbing and electric. Easy owner run business is turn-key for immediate purchase.

Click here to learn more about that opportunity.

So many people dream of leaving their regular lives behind for a new one of sun and fun in St. John. Think you could do it?

4 thoughts on “Now Hiring: Jobs in Paradise”

  1. It’s not illegal to ask for a photo unless the intent is to weed out certain folks. There is a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification if someone is applying to be a model or actor. I’m not certain if restaurant employees could qualify for that category….it is a very dangerous thing for management to get into, opening the restaurant up to discrimination law suits. We all know certain establishments such as Hooters are looking for a type…but they have been successfully sued several times for gender discrimination.

    We’re a small island. We all know what we look like!

  2. Hey, there is no law reguarding the request for a photo as a condition for employment. The last thing I would want to see at the beach bar would be some ugly bar maid at closing. Face it it,s the ugly people doing all of the complaining.Race ,age, gender, aside you can weed out anyone you wish it’s still a free country.

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