It’s the little things

So, you need a driver’s license. 

For years, getting one has been a trying process for folks on St. John.  Either it’s the failed computer network to St. Thomas, where HQ is, or the camera used for photos – it seems like it’s always been something gumming up the works. 

So, too, this week.  The camera again.  The old one had a cracked lens.  The new one can’t be installed because it’s temperature sensitive. Since the AC’s not working in the hot Motor Vehicle Trailer, it can’t be installed.  If you need a license, you can go to the trailer and fill out the paperwork and then … go to St. Thomas, to get it!  How’s that for service? 

But wait, there is a way you can get your license renewed, according to the St. John Source.  An official of the MVB told the online newspaper drivers who need to renew and still look the same as they did when they last renewed are in luck.

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  1. Why in the world would MVB purchase equipment that is temperature sensitive? It’s not like stj does not experience power outages even if the AC is working. Maybe that is the plan – no camera, no work, but still get a government pay check.

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