Gasoline tops $4

The national average price for regular gasoline is about $3.18. 

On St. John, they wish!  Got $20 worth of fuel today in our 14-year-old Sidekick … less than 10 gallons. 

Mrs. Inguiring Iguana
bought the gas. She was urged to keep it to $10, since we’ll be off island soon and it doesn’t make sense to The I.I. to leave a tank full of gas (cash) parked in the driveway.  She, however, said, "Well, it’ll just be more expensive when we come back."

And the Hovensa Oil Refinery is just one island away.

2 thoughts on “Gasoline tops $4”

  1. Ohio is inching up quickly with gas prices too. Now at $3.46 for regular and climbing. I feel like I’m driving in St. John, except for I’m driving on the right, snow, trees with no leaves, no blue water. Well, I guess I don’t feel like it’s St. John after all. Just some of our prices! Milk is almost $4/gal. I saw better prices in Hawaii for food than what I’m paying in Ohio.

  2. Two things. The only gas station in town (EC Gas)has resisted the temptation to dramatically raise prices and we all should appreciate that. Also, car wisdom has always been to leave a gas tank full over a long period of time (fights condensation getting in the tank and water in the gas lines)and add a bottle of gas stabilizer. I am just about to do both. Bob

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