Is the Mister B Back Up & Running?

mister b march 1
Mister B – March 1, 2017

More great news on the car barge front!

We received this pic (above) earlier today, which shows a few cars loaded onto the Mister B. After loading a handful of vehicles, the Mister B left Enighed Pond. That’s definitely a good sign!

For those of you who may be a bit late to the party on this, the Mister B was seized by federal agents back in January 2016 after its owners, Boyson Inc., failed to make payments on a pretty hefty loan. Boyson was able to get the Mister B back last month.

For those of you looking for daily updates on the car barge schedule, there’s now a Facebook page where you can check out or post daily updates on wait times, etc. Click here to view the St. John Car Barge Schedule page on Facebook. 

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