Woody’s Toga Party Happening Friday Night

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Well if you’re lucky enough to be on island tomorrow night, you’re in for a real treat because Woody’s is having a toga party to celebrate its 23rd birthday … and if you know the folks over at Woody’s, you know they throw one heck of a party!

The party starts at 7 p.m. and goes until… well whenever. All proceeds from the satellite bar outside will go to St. John Rescue. St. John Rescue is an invaluable source here on island as they are truly our first responders. So please, wait in line a tad longer if you have to and get your drinks from the satellite bar. (Drinks purchased inside of Woody’s do not go to St. John Rescue.)

Jon Gazi will be on hand to entertain, as will the 3rd String Allstars and DJ Adonis. There will be $3 Bud Lights, $5 Stoli and $5 Milagro drinks.

For those of you over on St. Thomas, there will be a late night ferry at 1 a.m.

So go ahead and transform that sheet now … toga!

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