Iraq veteran’s 8 Tuff Miles

“My legs felt like corner posts with barbed wire attached,” said Brian Bresnahan, remembering how he neared the end of this year’s 8 Tuff Miles race.  And the guy is a Marine and Iraq war veteran!  Imagine what it would feel like for you!

Bresnahan is now safely back home in York, Nebraska where he writes for a weekly newspaper.  He focused a recent column on his St. John experience.

It began when he asked his wife she’d like to do something crazy with him: run ups nd down a mountain on a. 8.3 mile course.  The adventure sucked him in, the lure of the warm Caribbean waters and white beaches grabbed her – and off they went.

“Surprisingly, we passed lots of people at the start,” he wrote. “But then the reality of the mountain kicked in. It kicked for the next 5 miles. I've ridden bulls that kicked less.”

Bresnahan said his “Wonder Woman wife” finished in the top 25% women, he finished in the top half of men.

“But it was a half hour faster than the goal, and there were Pina Coladas, crystal blue water, and white sand waiting.”

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  1. Nice article, it is a tuff course!! St. John is not for weenies, just for the right people who love nature and the good life with kind people

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