Souvenirs of St. John

On a St. John forum this week, Bluestarek12 asked “What’s the one tHing that yopu must bring back home with you?”

Some of the answers might help you plan your next trip.

  • Jen M: "Bones Rum. Yum."
  • Tim W: “Coffee and spices from St. John Spice!”
  • Ms411: “I like to bring a local art or craft piece. Check Bamboula store in Mongoose Junction.”
  • GottoGetway: “I've gotten something from Elaine Estern's, and this year it was blown glass from the Maho studio. I find art is something that I look at everyday in my house as opposed to a T-shirt that you might wear once in a while.”
  • GoodCatawabal’s island: “We always have Christmas in February @ Sloop Jones-some of the coolest clothing I have ever owned.”
  • Colinm85: “I like to see if I can get some rock salt from Salt Pond and put it in a salt grinder for the rest of the year. Cant always get it though”
  • Babylon2r: “Great memories and a strong yearning to return!"

6 thoughts on “Souvenirs of St. John”

  1. My souvenir was Gwendolyn. I first saw her as Skinny Legs’ bar. She looked loney and sad. I sat next to her, introduced myself and asked why she seemed so blue. She explained that she had come to St. John on her honeymoon and on their first night together her new husband said that he would sleep in the downstairs bedroom of their rented villa so as not to be disturbed by any untoward thoughts she might have regarding what he referred to as the more disgusting aspects of marriage.
    She said that this went on for the first five nights of their St. John honeymoon week. I met her on the sixth night and we have just celebrated our third year together.

  2. Something from Maho Bay, Bajo el Sol – my fav, Bamboula, Caravans, street vendors, shops at Skinny’s – oh gosh the list goes on & on!!!! Right now I just want to go back. No mon – no fun!!! 🙁

  3. Thank you, Linda. These have been the best three years of my life. The downside, Gweydolyn’s ex has not been able to accept our relationship. Since he has become a liveaboard in Coral Bay and owns a number of guns, we have not been able to return to the island, which I believe to be one of the world’s loveliest places.
    Gwendolyn claims that his fixation on guns is part of the disfunction that destroyed their honeymoon.

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