Westin If you have a reservation to stay at the Westin Resort this week, as Warner Wolf would say, 'You Lose.'

The resort's grounds were seriously damaged last week when Tropical Storm Otto gobsmacked the islands, St. John included.  The torrents began Tuesday, continued through Thursday and rain lingered through the weekend.

The resort has been calling people and telling them to stay home.  If you try to book a room on the Westin Web site odds are you'll be told there's no space at the inn.

A reader posted on the NoSeeUm blog, "My husband and I were scheduled to come to STJ on Sat. Oct. 9th. We were phoned last night and were told our reservations had to be cancelled due to flooding, lack of drinking water."

Rafe Boulon, the V.I. National Park’s chief of resources management, recorded a whopping 16.37 inches of rain at St. John’s Trunk Bay, according to Gretchen Labrenz at Cruz Bay Realty.

Photos of the damage at the Westin were posted by Gerald Singer on his blog, St. John Life.  The shot above of the Westin is from his site.  The resort's tennis courts, beachside restaurants, swimming pool were all affected.  Mounds of mud need to be removed.  Only one of the three restaurants is operating.

"At the Westin some rooms were flooded, as was the pool and the beach area" Singer said. "Large breaking waves caused a sailboat anchored in Great Cruz Bay to was up on the Westin beach adding it to the other unfortunate craft brought ashore by Hurricane Earl."

Elsewhere on the island, mudslides and flooding occurred.  Reports said Centerline Road, around Coral Bay, was down to one lane because of falling debris. CNN reported about a dozen boats were pushed ashore at Chocolate Hole.

Over the weekend as sun began to return, artist Sloop Jones put a good news/bad news spin on the situation. "Sunshine and mosquitoes today," he said.

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