Coral Bay builders face shutdown

For years, Coral Bay locals have worried they were at risk because Centerline Road is the only way into or out of the east end of the island.  Now, their fear has become real.

Last week's torrential rains, dumping more than a foot of water, have undercut Centerline near Bordeaux Mountain. That means the foundation of the roadway is washing away making it dangerous for heavy vehicles.

As a result, according to Sloop Jones, "No more concrete trucks … water trucks … (or) anything else that is heavy.  Our road is collapsing."

The ban on heavy vehicles came Monday from Daryl Smalls, the commissioner of public works.  He was 'shocked', the St. John Source said, to learn that five concrete trucks used the road Monday morning.

He ordered no trucks or heavy equipment, other than that of his department, should use the road east of the Bordeaux overlook until he decides it's safe, the Source reported. 

Smalls' "on the spot edict" threatens to halt construction on some residential and commercial projects in Coral Bay, East End, Bordeaux, and out toward Salt Pond by choking off supplies and building materials.

The Commissioner was described as 'stunned' by the damage the rains caused to roads, the Source said.

RandyinMd posted to the Virgin islands On-Line Web site that, "Coming across Centerline Road on St. John the large expensive stone retaining wall and driveway near the Reef Bay trail is collapsed and covered with dirt and stones."

St. John Source storm coverage

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  1. The last time that stretch of Centerline fell down, in the early 1970s, it took the famous Pizzagalli team about two years to stabilize it. We used the then quite passable, but unpaved,King’s Hill Road instead.

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