If it wasn’t one storm, it could be another

That's the way lots of St. John locals are thinking today.  They just weathered Earl, took notice of Fiona, but now there's Gaston.

In Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," the Gaston character was "everyone's favorite guy."  Gaston, the tropical storm, will not be. 

Computer models have the storm still far east of the island, but drawing a bead on the VIs.


This image is from the National Hurricane Center.  It shows the projected area of hurricane force winds over the next five days.

CaribStorm.com's "Closest Point of Approach" tool  estimates Gaston could come as close as 100 miles next Thursday morning.  With a big wind area (Earl, today, is 500 miles wide), St. John could get hit.

4 thoughts on “If it wasn’t one storm, it could be another”

  1. You mean Gaston, not Fiona; thankfully she was a non-event that has already passed us. Easy to understand though how you could easily get all the storm names inadvertently confused since there’s TOO MANY OF THEM! This is a hard season so far & it’s only the beginning of September!! Yikes…

  2. Hi, a friend of mine is having a difficult time trying to contact his family on St Thomas, would you have any suggestion on what he can try? he has tried calling and calling and calling.. but to no avail.

  3. Concerned… there was no loss of life or injury reported because of Earl. Your friend’s family is likely safe! Tell them to keep trying to call. Phone service isn’t restored to all areas yet, but should be soon.

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