Re-elected, Barshinger wants electricity cost cut

Barshinger Like all incumbents in the VI Senate, Craig Barshinger held on to his seat  in Tuesday's voting.  The  At Large Senator garnered nearly 60% of the ballots in a three-person race.

The St. Johnian said he will focus his attention on reducing residents' cost of electricity from Water and Power Authority to 20 cents a kilowatt hour from the current 35 cents.  He said he will also encourage WAPA to use clean and renewable energy sources.
Barshinger defeated two other candidates.  Lorelei Monsanto, an opponent of proposed property tax changes, came in second in Tuesday's balloting with 23%.  The St. Johnian told the Virgin Islands Daily News, "Since the people have voted, they must like what they already have in place."  In extremely good nature, she added, "And since they like it, I love it."

The third candidate was Allecia Wells of St. Thomas.

  • The full VI Daily News story is here.

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  1. Everyone wants electricity cost to be cut, as electricity rates are increasing immensely. Hope that the newly elected Barshinger will work on this issue and make some useful changes.

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