More rain!, Maho restaurant reopens

Tropical storm Tomas has been shoving some unsettled weather St. John's way, but nothing too much to worry about.  Even though Friday, President Obama declared that Tropical Storm Otto caused enough damage for the federal government to authoriuze the Territory as a disaster area and therefore eligible for low coist financing to make repairs.  In fact, this is the second declaration this year.  The first was in September due to Hurricane Earl.

Jamie wineWell, anyway – while the weather forecast seems to have rain or showers every day, the weekend brought some good news with the reopening of the Pavillion restaurant at Maho.  From the Maho blog: "We spent a bit more time than expected between waiting for the material, getting scaffolding installed, and finally cleaning the entire underside of the roof and all the tables and chairs for the area. But all of the effort put into getting the dining area restored will be very much appreciated this coming season as we enjoy each sunset."

The Maho blog's been quiet for a few weeks, but it did come back to life last week with a detailed post, "Circle of Life: Wine Bottles."  It's essentially a few suggestions about what you can do with a 'dead' wine bottle, in keeping with Maho's environmentally-friendly attitudes. Read it here.

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