How do you cure a hangover?

The Inquiring Iguana
 spends too much of his life on the Internet, surfing various forums where island visitors are eager to get the inside story on what’s happening here and how to enjoy St. John.  Here’s some of what he’s been overhearing recently.

            For some reason, people think they might drink too much when they get to the Virgin Islands and St. John.  "Sometimes we humans fail to always live by the rules," wrote "Cypressgirl" on Virgin-Islands-On-Line.  "Any ideas for cures?"

            "Chrisn" said he’s found a greasy cheeseburger helps a little.  “VaGirl” chimed in saying she puts a Coke, in a glass bottle, in the freezer until it’s full of little ice chips.  Then she drinks it with three Hershey’s Kisses. "It works I promise."

            "Ksea" is more pro-active.  "I always eat bread before I start to drink and automatically take four aspirin/Bufferin before I fall into, or over, the bed."

    “ScottB” is analytical, saying that a hangover results from your
body being dehydrated.  His prescription: drink lots of water.  "Try at
least three large classes before going to bed.  Yes, you’ll be up to
pee a few times, but this works every time!

            While some other folks recommended the tried-and-true
‘hair of the dog’ strategy, “RickG” from Mclean Va. was sly about how
he phrased his idea. "Fill a cooler full of beer," he begins – which
should give you an idea where he’s going. "Head to the beach with a bag
of BBQ potato chips.  Eat the chips until you need to drink a beer to
relieve the salt-induced thirst.  By the time the chips are gone, so is
your hangover."

3 thoughts on “How do you cure a hangover?”

  1. All that stuff is what the young ‘uns do today. Out here in Los Angeles a trip to Chanos Tacos and Tortas or a Tommy’s double cheeseburger with everything takes care of any hangover.
    All that other stuff is just so “today”.

  2. I believe you should always have TWO drinks in your hand, a beer and a glass of water.
    It seems if I drink water at the same time I drink beer, I can prevent a hangover everytime!
    Happy Drinking!

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