Hot, Hot, Hot sauce

We’ve been dousing our food with Blind Betty hot sauce for years. Sometimes we take home liquor, but we always take home BB. This year we’ve added some Trinidad Charlie's hot stuff, too – both purchased at St. John Spice.

But there’s a new taste going into the suitcase. It’s Valley Doll Hot Sauce. We found it on the table at Shipwreck Landing in Coral Bay, where it’s prepared by someone who works at the restaurant. That probably explains why you have to use cash to buy it; you can’t add Small_bottle
it to the restaurant bill and pay by credit card.

Never mind. The stuff is great. 

Now, here’s the funny thing. On the table, you get the bottle you see at the left. It's about nine inches tall. Its label says 10 ounces, and with a marker of some sort, there are a few “ingredients” which have been crossed out. As in, ‘This bottle doesn’t have such-and-such, but if you buy another flavor (there are two, light and dark), that bottle WILL have such-and-such.”

The bottle we bought, for $10, is pictured on the right. It's about six inches high. It has the same label: 10 ounces.  Hmm ….

14 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot sauce”

  1. Also, one is a curry hot sauce and one is a habenaro hot sauce – you can tell by the pattern of stripes on the neck of the bottle. I forget which one is which.

  2. i am just about out of the curry hot sauce and will not be back to STJ til Christmas…there’s no way i can wait that long. Is there a way to order it…or even a recipe to make it. Please….we need it bad!!

  3. Coming back to the island in june and can’t wait. This is my second trip and sure to not be the last. Can anyone give me some restaurant recommendations?
    Also, looking to rent a boat for the day. Best place to do that?

  4. To clarify the confusion on the sizes, the tall bottle is for restaurant customers only, not for sale. It is a recycled Tabasco bottle or malt vinegar bottle. The bottles for sale are 10oz as the label states. The dark one is the original and the one marked 151 is hot habenero based. You can contact the Valley Doll direct to order cases of six at: [email protected]

  5. Rent a dinggy thing in Cruz for 80.00. Has 2 tanks of gas. Red and grey are the fastest.
    shipwreck and G-spot has very good food. the G is down town, shipwreck is 1hr away at the other end of the island. Well worth the drive. maybe cautch the coconut man climming the tree. Buy one for 5 and drink some water out and fill with rum.

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