Hawksnest Beach improvements

The $300,000 federally-funded project to upgrade facilities at Hawksnest Beach is complete. "I now invite all beach goers to freely utilize the new facilities and enjoy the pristine, clear waters and beautiful coral reefs that Hawksnest has to offer," Park Superintendent Art Frederick said in a written statement.


The improvements include a changing room, bathrooms, an information kiosk, and a covered pavilion for picnics and protection from the rain.

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However, Frederick told the annual meeting of the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park he had been "very disappointed" because the job took twice as long as expected.  He conceded he had little control over the project, faulting the Park’s regional office for not penalizing the contractor when the work was not done within the specified 180-day period. "If that would have occurred, we would have a complete project," Frederick said, according to the St. John Source.

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