Cruz Bay parking lot changes

Cruzbaylot Parking in Cruz Bay could get a lot easier, and logical, if plans described by the island administrator go into effect and are enforced. 

Speaking at a meeting of the Coral Bay Community Council, Julien Harley said next week the lot across from the Post Office will be limited to 45-minute parking, according to a report of the meeting in the St. John Source.  All-day parking, as is the rule now, will be prohibited.  Harley said, "It’s important the (new parking) rules are enforced.  We will be leaning on (Deputy Police Chief Angelo) Hill to be diligent."

Patricks_2No word on whether Patrick’s immobile mobile food service will ever move.

The island administrator also said cab drivers will get access to fewer of the parking spaces next to the ferry dock.  He said a limited number of taxis will be allowed on the waterfront and that a government employee will act as a dispatcher, calling up additional taxis as needed. (Wonder where the cabs-in-waiting might stand by.  Not the lot across from the Post Office, we hope?)

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