Governor grabs for Cruz Bay parking money

Gov. John deJongh wants to take away about 60% of the money earmarked for a new parking garage to be built near the Enighed commercial port. 

The Governor asked the VI Senate this week to "reprogram" the money for "critical needs" such as paying for gasoline for government vehicles and the costs to host the 2007 Volleyball Conference on St. Thomas next month.

I don’t really know how these things work in the VI Senate – my impression is most things don’t – but if this money goes away, who knows when it might be replaced?  Former Senator At Large Craig Barshinger, a St. Johnian, fought hard for that appropriation, getting support from community organizations who also opposed the previous Governor’s dumb idea to build a parking garage on land near Nature’s Nook is.

I can’t believe that the Governor did not contact the current Senator At Large, Carmen Wesselhoft, also a St. John resident, to tell her what he was planning.  Either she didn’t get the call, suggesting deJongh doesn’t think much of her clout, or she did get the call and failed to effectively argue against the move.  Either way, it looks like St. John’s link to the VI Senate is pretty weak.

6 thoughts on “Governor grabs for Cruz Bay parking money”

  1. Didn’t Carmen baby vote for the go ahead for Sirenusa after deJongh vetoed the bill? So:
    1. Why would he call her?
    2. Why would she think she had to do what was good for STJ.
    3. Why would I never consider buying on STJ?
    4. Then again, why not when the fire sale starts at Grande.
    5. Why would I never want the VI’s to ever consider losing territory status to become a state?
    6. Why do I love spending my money and just giving the key back?
    STJ is a cash cow and that’s my take.

  2. Alan … Carmen Wesselhoft’s behavior on Sirenusa is absolutely inexplicable to me.
    First, she votes for it. Gets incredible heat on island – and doesn’t care. Says she voted her conscience, or some such silliness.
    Then, when a real politician would have voted against Sirenusa on the veto override – she votes for the project again! She lost any opportunity to even PRETEND she listened to the community. ‘Amateur’ doesn’t even begin to describe her behavior and, unfortunately, I think is predictive that St. John has no effective voice in the Senate. I am very disappointed.

  3. Building a parking garage with public money makes no sense at all. Why mire the public in more debt? And having the government operate it is just asking for disaster. The one “planned” for STJ was not planned at all. This should be a privately developed facility, located on a suitable parcel and one that should be professionally staffed 24/7. Our previous offer stands…we will explore development of a top-notch parking facility if the town is interested.
    Best regards,
    Rob Pfriender
    Allied International Development

  4. Rob, the only problem I see with your developement company handling the project is that your on site supervisor might only be carrying enough cash to buy a sandwich and a beer for lunch.
    Catch my drift.

  5. The Senator-at-Large was also contacted for help with salvaging the STJ DV shelter funds which were suddenly and w/o notice scheduled to be “reprogrammed.”
    FYI, the agency currently “programmed” to manage the STJ dv shelter was/is in compliance w. all related gov. requirements as per instruction. The Senator was not willing to even hear the facts being offered for her review and consideration!
    Perhaps being psychic is an unstated qualification for USVI Senators!? That could be why no-one can get an attentive ear. No need!
    Another year-and-a-half is in store for us…

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