St. John wins!!

John de Jongh ordered an indefinite hold on this week’s Motor Vehicle Bureau directive that would have prohibited St. Thomas rental cars from the car barge and being driven on St. John. 

The Governor issued the order last evening after hundreds of complaints from tourists and local businesspeople reacted to the lead story from NewsofStJohn.com Wednesday morning.

The St. John Source (full story here) said the Governor’s stay of the order will give the attorney general’s office time to study whether the MVB order conflicts with local or federal law regarding commerce.  

Among the dozens of complaints received by News of St John:

  • Anthony said, “I have been traveling to STJ for 11 years but the airlines have become ridiculously insane with bad scheduling, outrageous ticket prices and endless fees. For the last 5 or 6 years I have rented a vehicle on STT and barged over to STJ. This will actually be my last time. I've had enough.”
  • Richard added, “Why make it so hard for your main source of $$$. I’ve done the taxi, what a nightmare! I will go to other islands, but I will miss my St. John. I feel for the villa owners and island businesses!”

During the day, as complaints flooded the Governor’s office and travel forums, businesspeople on St. John were advised the Governor would put a 60-day hold on the Motor Vehicle rule.  But as the clamor grew louder, his spokesperson said the hold was “effective … until further notice.”

2 thoughts on “St. John wins!!”

  1. Just returned home from our 9th annual trip to St. John. This action would stop us from coming back to a insland we love.12 days on island (food, Villa, dinners,souvenirs, boat charter,gas,island tours) not counting air & jeep $13,000. This will hurt St. John please Governor do not let this ruling stand.

  2. It seems to be a power play between St John and St. Thomas, with St. Thomas businesses attempting to strangle the economy of St. John. The more difficult it becomes to travel to St. John the less leakage of tourist dollar from the St. Thomas economy.
    I recommend that the Governor perform a regulatory impact analysis where economic impacts can be quantified and sensible transportation plans can be identified and carried out.

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