Call a lawyer and sue them!

The Inquiring Iguana
 is not as patient as the Virgin Islands Port Authority

Three years ago, VIPA ordered turnstiles from Perey Turnstiles, at a cost of about $74,000.  The machines were to be installed at the Red Hook ferry terminal, to aid in the collection of tolls for the St. John ferry.  From the get go, it was a controversial idea – the Chamber of Commerce vehemently opposed it.

It's been two years since the terminal's been operating, and the turnstiles have still not been delivered.

NOW, the St. John Source reports (full story here), the Port Authority finally says it is fed up.  Either give us our turnstiles or give us back our money, the agency's attorney says.  "No response to calls or letters," says the lawyer, Henry Carr.

"A lawsuit may be likely, but … not certain," the Source reported.

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