Gourmet and wine store opening set

Starfish Market’s
expansion into an upscale food and wine specialty store is set to kick off early next month. (Picture at left is in the original Starfish store.)

A grand opening is being planned Nov. 5 for the new Starfish Gourmet and Wines store.  The venture is located on the first floor of the Marketplace shopping center, across the corridor from Starfish Market.  The shelves will be stock with wines, imported cheeses, coffees, meats, pizzas, pastas and other items.

By shifting wines and gourmet foods to a new retail space, the owners of Starfish give themselves the opportunity to expand offerings in the grocery store, too. More dairy products or produce may be considered.

Starfish Gourmet is likely to be a boon to in-villa catering services.  The availability of a wider variety of items will also give cooks a bigger palette for culinary efforts.  Several chefs at the island’s restaurants have said they feel restricted in preparing menus because food distributors on St. Thomas aren’t able to offer much variety.  If Starfish can establish its own sources and supply lines, St. John could become a much more tasty island.

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  1. Being that Mugar I hear is quite the ‘foodie’ will not surprise me in the least if the Gourmet sections is a hit…….

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