Results of food store war survey

PollresultsIt was not much of a contest. Starfish Market and the Pine Peace Grocery were the clear favorites of almost 350 voters in last week’s survey.  Frankly, this looks like a victory for Pine Peace, given Starfish’s greater visibility and its similarity to markets on the mainland. 

Pine Peace is more crowded and its inventory more limited, but for the day to day stuff like cereal, snacks, beverages and staples, it’s fine and certainly beats Starfish on prices.

A surprise to me is the poor showing by Dolphin Market – could be the location, parking can be tough – and will only get more difficult with the roundabout construction. The owners’ decision to open a location on the South Shore road, at the new shopping strip across from the Westin, is a very good move.

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  1. I’m not that surprised by Dolphins’ poor showing. The owner is surly and uncommunicative. He needs an attitude adjustment.

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