Good news for Paradiso, Asolare and Chloe’s?

Hours after the Inquiring Iguana spoke with Coby Cooper, he resigned his position overseeing Paradiso, Asolare and Chloe b& Bernard’s (PAC).  He has moved to the General Manager's slot at the Balcony at Wharfside. Winston Bennett, the original owner of P, A, and C, is now managing those businesses.

The Iguana can only speculate about what’s going on. 

It appears that Bennett’s plan to have San Filippo oversee the business hasn’t worked out.  It wouldn’t be unlikely that part of the incentive was to have him take an equity position in the restaurants, while Bennett held onto a share, too. THEN …. The economy crumped, tourism fell and the high-end eatery business went south.  And San Filippo went off island.

Bennett, still with an ownership stake, and perhaps his name on the leases, had little option but to step back into the business. If this is the case, there is every reason to expect that Bennett is going to do all he can to make Asolare, Paradiso, and Chloe’s the successes they have been.  It;’s going to take time and money to reassure the employees and suppliers.  But Bennett is not without resources or motivation.

Good luck.

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