Get Excited:  ZoZo’s at Caneel Bay Opens This Month!

Get Excited: ZoZo’s at Caneel Bay Opens This Month!

In 2017, Hurricane Irma took away a lot of obvious things that created much hardship…jobs, homes, businesses.  Everyone had to start over.

A lot has been rebuilt…But some of those things that we once considered “normal” still slowly trickle into the background of life.  As those pieces fall back into place over time, they have startled me with memories and emotions I have never really been able to place.  I remember these feelings coming up the night that the power came back on after 76 days in the dark, the first time I heard the cannons of the Kekoa sound again in Cruz Bay, the first shift I worked at The Terrace after they re-opened.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have those feelings overwhelm me yet again as I sat at the newly constructed ZoZo’s at Caneel Bay overlooking the water, chatting with owner, John Ferrigno, and General Manger, Erin Hudson.

“We are happy to be a part of the reintroduction of the property to our community and visitors,” Ferrigno told me as I tried not to be distracted by the familiar view behind him 🙂

Get Excited: ZoZo's at Caneel Bay Opens This Month! 1

Yes, folks, you’re hearing it here first.  ZoZo’s is officially opening its fourth St. John location on December 15, 2020.  ZoZo’s was originally located at the spot that is now Extra Virgin Bistro.  Following that, they spent several successful years in operation at Gallows Point Resort and then moved into the Sugar Mill at Caneel Bay.   Extensive damage from Irma and Maria in 2017 forced the resort, as well as the restaurant, to close until now.  This year ZoZo’s has returned to Caneel Bay where they will once again offer diners an exceptional culinary experience with beautiful al fresco, waterfront dining.

The restaurant will be open for lunch service beginning Tuesday, December 15.   Lunch will be served Tuesday through Sunday from 11:30 AM-3:00 PM.  Lunch reservations will only be taken for parties greater than 6.   There will also be light fare and drinks available in the lounge between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  Dinner service will commence Tuesday, December 22nd.    Reservations will be accepted at 5:30 and 6:30 for a perfect sunset experience.  Zozo’s will offer a four-course, prix fixe menu with several options per course.

ZoZo’s at Caneel Bay is located near the dock right on the waterfront and will be accessible by both land and sea.  For additional information visit their website, zozosatcaneelbay.com, which will be launching later this week.

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When I visited the space last week I got a sneak peek at what’s coming up this month!  In the true nature of this renowned restaurateur, the furnishings and décor are classic and the layout is beautifully functional.  The upper deck dining area is now fully covered with tasteful sunshades, created and constructed by Lina Guild and Eric Williams, and adorned with teak tables and comfortable chairs.  The breezeway below has a designated lounge area near the bar, an Adirondack beach area to put your toes in the sand plus additional lunch and dinner seating.

I, personally, am SO very excited.   I am looking forward to sitting back in this space enjoying those familiar flavors of ZoZo’s.  The restaurant will be open from December 15-July 15.  If you are lucky enough to be on St. John this season it is a must stop

18 thoughts on “Get Excited: ZoZo’s at Caneel Bay Opens This Month!”

  1. So excited !! Have been a huge fan of ZOZO’s in all of its locations .
    See you in January!!can’t wait !!
    Connie & Bill

  2. Very excited to have Zozo’s back on St. John and Caneel. One question: if you are arriving by land, will the walk through the entrance of Caneel be all cleared? All the damage to the landscaping and buildings was of course horrific and that’s a lot to clean up in order to get to the restaurant

  3. This is very exciting and one of the final pieces in the puzzle of putting St John back together. Can’t wait to visit and see that great view with wonderful food and drinks!

  4. Wonderful news! One question: if you have lunch at Zozo’s will you have access to the main beach? Lunch and a swim would be a great afternoon.

  5. I’m beyond excited to hear this!!!!! I hope this will be just the start of good things happening at Caneel. Miss it so much. See you in June ZoZo’s!!

  6. So excited to hear this great news! John, you’ve done it before and we know you’ll do it again.

    Godspeed and Congrats to all,
    Your friends Donna and Chris Wray

  7. John. This is best Xmas news ever!!! Also best news in this dreadful year!!! Cannot wait to see you. We are so homesick for StJ. Jim and Pat

  8. This is not good news for future Caneel visitors. CBIA seems to be interested only in parceling out services to 3rd parties, and one can expect that soon all dining services will no longer be managed by the resort but by other companies.

    This is no longer the Caneel Bay I encountered when it was a Rosewood property. The quality of the experience had steadily declined, culminating in the refusal by CBIA to rebuild after the hurricanes.

  9. It is so great to have John and his staff back on island. You were sorely missed. Can’t wait to get back to STJ and enjoy your wonderful food and ambiance.

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