Gallows Point Announces New Restaurant Plans

Gallows Point from Water

Since Zozo’s announced its plan to relocate to Caneel Bay last July, we’ve all been wondering what would replace the famed restaurant known for its delectable cuisine and amazing sunsets. Well, Gallows Point Resort just announced its successor and it sounds pretty spectacular.

The new restaurant will be called Ocean 362, and it will be headed by an internationally-recognized chef known for his creative and innovative cuisine – Ramesh Pillai. Ramesh, who will serve as both chef and an owner/partner, will serve contemporary American fare that will feature gourmet-style, health-oriented dishes.

When asked how this partnership came about, Gallows Point General Manager Akhil Deshwal said it was simply a natural fit.

“Chef Pillai has been active in Carribean for several years and fits the bill for us,” Deshwal said.

Ramesh Pillai
Image courtesy of Ramesh’s online profile

Pillai is the chef and owner of Tantra, one of San Juan’s most highly acclaimed, avant-garde restaurants. His talents have received worldwide recognition – Not only was he featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Great Chefs of the World” program, but he has also created award-winning dishes for an array of international hotel chains for more than 30 years, earning himself a treasure trove of accolades along the way.

“Chef Pillai has created superb cuisine and masterpiece menus for some of the great hotel chains of the world,” Deshwal said. “We are thrilled that he will be practicing his extraordinary talent at our new oceanfront restaurant – Ocean 362. We believe Chef Pillai, his menu and our new restaurant will offer a popular and high-quality amenity for our guests and for St. John’s visitors and residents.”

The menu is still being finalized but here is a sneak peak of some of the items it will feature:

  • Grilled local mahi mahi served with cashew tamarind pilaf
  • Spice crusted seared sashimi tuna
  • Double cut lamb chops with mint chutney
  • Duck confit with mushroom risotto and grilled asparagus
  • Tournadoes of aged beef tenderloin with Asiago chicken sausage and vegetables
  • Malabar shrimp curry with cumin pilaf, and lobster risotto.

For now, the restaurant will serve dinner only, according to Deshwal. It will follow the same opening schedule as Zozo’s – The cocktail lounge will open at 5 p.m. nightly; the dining room will open at 5:30 p.m.

So where exactly did the name Ocean 362 come from? Well it’s pretty simple, according to Deshwal. The gorgeous blue and turquoise waters of the Caribbean will not only provide a stunning backdrop for the restaurant, but it will also serve as its theme. And the number 362 – well that came from the restaurant’s new street address, 362 Strande Gade.

To further illustrate the restaurant’s ocean theme, Gallows Point commissioned a one-of-a-kind piece by local artist Elaine Estern. A many of you may know. Elaine specializes is whimsical pieces that depict images both above and below the water. Dinner for Two, pictured below, is Elaine’s most recent and most exciting work. The mural will be made into a 15 ft. by five ft. canvas print, which will cover the restaurant’s entire back wall.

Elaine's Mural
Elaine Estern stands beside her latest piece – Dinner for Two

Ocean 362 is expected to open in mid-October. We’ll pass along more details as they become available.

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