Bones Rum is No More

The Bones Rum shop during happier times.
The Bones Rum shop during happier times.

It is with great sadness that we inform all of you that the Bones Rum location in Cruz Bay has closed its doors for good. Ok, maybe we’re being a tad dramatic, but we really liked this place.

For those of you not familiar with the Bones Rum shop, the concept is genius – you buy one of their frozen drinks and they hand you a bottle of Bones Rum. You can pour in as little or as much as you’d like. Come to think about it, maybe that was their demise … Ok, now which one of you guys (or gals) drank those poor people out of business?!

Perhaps Bones Rum is another casualty of the economy? Or perhaps there’s another reason behind it. All we know is that it’s at least the third business to close in the past few months. Cases By the Sea in Coral Bay closed its doors after Labor Day weekend and Cruz Bay Prime at the Westin closed for good this past summer.

There is a silver lining to this story, however. Well there’s actually two silver linings come to think of it.

1. The Bones Rum location in Charlotte Amalie is still open. It’s just across from the harbor near the Green House Restaurant. So you could stop there when you’re over in St. Thomas. (We highly suggest you do.)

2. There is now a pretty sweet piece of real estate available right in the heart of Cruz Bay. There really isn’t a better location on the island than the first floor of the closest building to the ferry dock!

If you could have it your way, what would you like to see in that space?

Update: We just saw this over on RumShopRyan’s Facebook page. He was able to find some answers. This is what he found:

I contacted Wayne, owner of Bones Rum along with his wife Cara, to find out more about the closing. I new that the rum brand had a strong following, so I had to find out why on Earth would they would close a great location like the store next to the Cruz Bay ferry dock.

Here’s what Wayne had to say…

“The real reason we moved out is simply the lease was a horrible lease and Matt (the previous owner of Bones Rum) did the lease.  The lease in St Thomas is not good either and I have gotten it straighten up so far.  I did try to work out something with the St. John property but it didn’t work out.  Like I told the land lord, a lease or any agreement has to be good for both parties and it cant be one sided.  They wanted a one sided agreement and it just didn’t work. Matt did this lease and was paying for the building’s maintenance, taxes, and insurance on the building which was prorated for the space.  I ask the owners several times to give me an offer on the building and that Cara and I would purchase the building and the owners would not do this.  In fact I tried about 5-6 times and they kept saying no.”

Wayne said that business is booming and that they have a lot of big things coming up, which I’m excited to tell you guys about soon. It’s just sad that greed and island politics had to get in the way of something that so many people love.

Bones Rum will continue to reside at its St. Thomas location on the Charlotte Amalie waterfront. Wayne is currently working with real estate agents on St. John and if he can find a good building to purchase he will.


Update #2: The info just keeps on flowing today.

We just learned what’s going into the space and from what we heard, we think you’re all going to like it. The full details are being kept under wraps, but we can tell you that the owner of Big Planet is involved.

There’s no need to worry – Big Planet will remain in its Mongoose Junction location. But Pretlow Majette, owner of Big Planet, did confirm that they are taking over the space formerly occupied by Bones Rum.

He was pretty mum on the details, but he did say it will be “something really cool from Big Planet.”

The store is expected to open around December 1. We’ll pass along more details when we get them.

12 thoughts on “Bones Rum is No More”

  1. “I ask the owners several times to give me an offer on the building and that Cara and I would purchase the building and the owners would not do this. In fact I tried about 5-6 times and they kept saying no.”

    I have to laugh when newcomers to the islands find out that not everything is for sale! Money is not always the most important currency around here.

  2. Bones Rum was the best thing to hit Cruz Bay in years! It was an awesome addition to the waterfront! Very disappointed ! Loved it!

    As for Cruz Bay Prime … It was way too expensive ! We knew that from the moment it opened its doors ! Perhaps they need to look at ZoZo’s as an example of a restaurant which fits the prototype for success as a hotel based dining outlet.

  3. Sorry to hear they’re closing in St. John. It was a pleasure to get a smoothie-like coconut drink there to cool off and to wait for the ferry to arrive. Staff there, including Veronica, were thoroughly pleasant.

  4. So sad to hear this location closed, I just visited it in March. I am coming back next week and I was so looking forward to stopping in again! Glad to hear the business is good though because I love the rum!

  5. Oh well,it was too good to be true. Absolutely loved the location,people, concept and yes the rum. Will be missed by many! Will have to go to St. Thomas next week when there!

  6. I am very disappointed about the news. My wife and I absolutely loved our visit to St. John and loved dropping by Bones Rum for the delicious Pain Killers. Hope the owners find a new place on the island soon, because I know we’ll be back.

  7. Wow! I have been checking every now and then to find out when/if I could order the rum online. I am disappointed to find out they closed. My husband and I took a cruise and spent a long time in the Bones Rum establishment. We were hoping to visit again when we came back to the island.

  8. Sorry to hear that spot was closed. My husband and I have made it a point to go there each time we cruised to the port nearby. I’m very relieved though you are still in business. We love your rum! It’s better than we can get here in the states. Hope to see you at the other location.

  9. Our upcoming trip to St John will not be the same without Bones Rum. If there is anything this Pennsylvania lawyer can do to assist with your lease issues let me know. garberlawllc.com.

  10. I’m in the process of planning my next the USVI, and while I hate to hear that St. John location has closed I’m happy St. Thomas location is going strong. I love the. Rum…live the shop and atmosphere in St. John more. It was so relaxing and soothing.

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