Fish Trap, better the second time around

FISHLOGOHorizVirgin Voices has a review of the Fish Trap, one of the island’s best known eateries. 

Aaron Willis is now the owner and, again, the chef.  He spent almost 15 years in the Trap’s kitchen before launching the upscale Stone Terrace, making the Fish Trap a favorite for locals and visitors.  Then he went to St. Thomas to head up a restaurant at the new Yacht Haven

Willis returned home earlier this year and relaunched his old place. The Voices review says, “Willis … likes to ‘combine flavors and textures with eye appeal,’ observing that ‘If it doesn’t feel good in your mouth, the meal just won’t be memorable.’”

Here's the menu: Fish Trap dinner menu. The prices are not what they were 15 years ago, that's for sure.  But that won't stop us.  How about you? 

Everything on island seems to be more expensive now, with restaurant prices leading the way.  On your next visit, do you think you'll be eating out less, or is "a vacation a vacation" and not doing the dishes is part of a vacation?

4 thoughts on “Fish Trap, better the second time around”

  1. We’ve always enjoyed Fish Trap and enjoyed it again this past summer. We’ve never experienced a bad meal there. We’ve encouraged friends to go and now they are ‘hooked’ by Fish Trap too!
    Yes, we will continue to eat at restaurants as much as we have in the past. That’s part of the fun!

  2. I have always enjoyed the Fish Trap. Food has consistenly been good! Now that Aaron has returned it’s gotten even better!
    AND the wait staff is friendly and attentive! 🙂

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