Finally, the tax man cometh

The 2005 property tax bills are arriving even as you read this.  They were issued, nine months late.  Per the V.I. Code, the bills say the due date is June 30th. with a late penalty to be charged for payments made after 9/1.  However, the property tax bill looks like any other, and it’s possible, because of the snafu in sending out bills, the dates are something other than what’s on the bill. The Inquiring Iguana is asking around.  Gretchen Labrenz at Cruz Bay Realty says those are the actual dates.

Last month, Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis said that while Code requires payment no later than 8/31, there likely would be a different date for these bills. "We will request that the Commissioner of Finance petition Governor John deJongh to issue an executive order specifying the new due date," he said.

Next question … when will the bills for 2006 come out … and what impact will the Territory-wide re-assessment have on them?  Hold your breath, property owners.

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