Fatty Crab Closing??

fatty crab

We’ve heard rumblings for awhile now that Fatty Crab was closing at the end of this season. Well yesterday, they shared some “news” on their Facebook page. Check it out…

fatty crab facebook post

As you all know, yesterday was April Fools’ Day. We pulled off a pretty good April Fools’ Day joke last year, so I wouldn’t put it past anyone on this island to pull off another good prank. But to announce the closing of a restaurant as a joke? I’m not quite sure anyone would do that.

So if it’s true, Fatty Crab will be closing on Sunday, April 19th. I guess we will have to wait and see on this one.

In the meantime, for those of you who don’t remember our prank last year, please click here to check it out. And make sure to click the reservation link at the bottom of that page. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Fatty Crab Closing??”

  1. After 20+ years of dining out on St. John I must say that many of us won’t miss Fatty Crabs. Sorry for any business owner to have to admit defeat but this one was doomed to fail.

  2. At least we won’t have to hear Brandons version on Vic Bergerons Mai Tai recipe that is incorrect.Asta La vista Fatty Crab. I couldn’t figure how they lasted so long.Bringing out food helter skelter when it is done will NEvER work!

  3. Wow! Why so much hatred from these other two commenters? I come to St. John every year and looked forward to a meal at fatty crab every time. I loved that place and was sad to hear they closed!! At least they have locations in NY, so I can visit them somewhere else. My guess is they were too hip for the St. John crowd to fully grasp what they had going.. They will be missed by us young folk!!

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