Pond Bay Going Up for Auction

pond bay april 1 2015

We have some pretty good news for you all today. Pond Bay, the development over in Chocolate Hole that’s sat vacant for quite some time, is going up for auction next month.

Pond Bay is a 15+ acre beachfront development located on the shore of Chocolate Hole. The site is made up of 26 partially complete units (62,280 sq. ft.), of which eight are oceanfront and face Chocolate Hole. Two of the eight buildings are presidential-style oceanfront villas, which have four bedrooms and total 4,290 sq. ft. per unit. The other six oceanfront villas are three bedrooms each, and total 2,275 sq. ft. each. All other partially completed units are within very close proximity to the ocean and all have three bedrooms and total 40,050 sq.ft.

Pond Bay has been well taken care of while it has sat vacant, according to Nick Van Assche of SeaGlass Properties, the development’s listing agent. The property has had a full-time, on-site caretaker and has been maintained and air conditioned over the years.

The project is being sold with major entitlements in place including a Coastal Zone Management permit, as well as the original site plans.

If you are interested in the Pond Bay development, please call Nick Van Assche at (340) 766-666 or email [email protected]


5 thoughts on “Pond Bay Going Up for Auction”

  1. No, the April Fool’s joke is that huge Dengue/Chikungunya generator right behind your severely overpriced condo.

  2. My wife used to rent on the hillside above this before the development started. My wife cried when she saw what they had done. We don’t rent there anymore.

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