Doug Weaver: geek in paradise

Coral Bay Computers
speaks iPhone, and lots of other tech stuff, too.

Doug Weaver opened the business in late 2008, after he and his wife sold the Donkey Diner. His store, located in the same shopping center as Aqua Bistro, is a kind of second-hand store for electronics with services, too.

It may be the only place on the island you can buy a USB cable, computer paper, a small video monitor or the best-selling item, cell phone chargers.

Weaver told the St. John Source he caters to both locals and visitors.  He’s the man to call when you realize you forgot a critical connector back home, or you need a refill printer cartridge. He also does computer repairs, again a rare commodity on the island.

3 thoughts on “Doug Weaver: geek in paradise”

  1. Mr. Weaver,

    I am searching for my old boat, a Tartan 33 named “Runaway”. I had her between 1987 to 1973. Great boat.

    According to USCG database, a Douglas Weaver in Saint Johns owns a Tartan 33. If that is you could you be kind enough to tell what you know about the boat, e.g. where it came from, prior owners etc. I just want to see if was previously mine.

    I need to document some sea time to get my USCG Captain’s license and need to reference the exact boats that I have gained experience on.

    If this is not you, well sorry to bother you.

    Arnie Bertsche

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