Domino’s to Begin Delivering to Cruz Bay


Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I have some exciting news to share with all of you! Well, I have to be honest, this is not going to be very exciting for our stateside friends. But for those of you reading here on St. John, you’re going to love this … Domino’s is going to start delivering to us next month!

Back to our stateside friends… Now this may seem odd that we get excited over something like Domino’s. If I still lived in the great state of Connecticut, I certainly would never be ordering a pizza from Domino’s. But I have to admit, one of the top things I miss about living in America is the food. For example, when I took a quick vacay to Puerto Rico last weekend, I was beyond excited to eat at Denny’s and Olive Garden. It’s totally the little things in life 🙂

Ok, but back to Domino’s…

So starting next month, Domino’s will start delivering every Monday on the 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. ferries. You will have to call Domino’s in advance at (340) 775-3400 and pay with your credit card. You’ll then have to meet the delivery person at the Cruz Bay ferry dock for pickup.

And they’re going to have some pretty good specials. For just $20, you can get one medium, one-topping pizza, eight-piece wings or stuffed cheesy bread, and a two-litter bottle of Coke … again, for only $20! There are two other great deals. Just check out the pic above.

That’s it today, folks. News you can use. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Domino’s to Begin Delivering to Cruz Bay”

  1. I understand some of the difficulties of island life and whatnot, in fact it’s why we don’t move there. But the limited availability of Domino’s is nowhere to be found on my list of reasons of not moving! To each his own, enjoy your pizza!

  2. I love St. John! And I hate food chains. Why o why would you head to such a beautiful place and then miss chain pizza? Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing. I have friends who love chain restaurants. Actually most people do, that’s why there are chains. For me, I hate them. Uninspired food, heavy on fat and sugar and salt. No love. Speaking of love…if you miss American pizza, why not make it? You can make it using a pizza stone or a cast iron skillet. Now that’s love. Let me say again: not criticizing…just trying to get my head around St. John and Domino’s in the same sentence. Sounds like the beginning of the end…(not really, but still…)

    • I total agree with you, Danny. It is one of the things I always tell folks when they ask what I love about St. John. I always mention the local restaurants with fresh unique food and the fact that there are no chains! I avoid most chains because the ingredients aren’t the best…

  3. The process seems like more work than just grabbing a pizza at a local establishment- but I guess if it scratches an itch for ya- great!!

  4. Hmmm…call to order and on their timing, drive to town, find a place to park–maybe pay–walk to dock, wait with a crowd (possibly), pay for order–and tip, all for a semi-warm chain pizza? No thanks, when on island, I’ll go to Ronnie’s any time, and get a great hot pizza and have an excuse to buy his yummy brownies and cookies too!

  5. Ohpleezno. NOT a good thing. Let’s keep supporting our local St John businesses instead, who already provide delicious pizza – shall we?

  6. I wouldn’t cross the street for a free Dominos pizza let alone drive to the very dock to pick up a lukewarm one (at best).

    As a first generation American, I get the desire for “old country” comfort foods but shitty pizza? Is this a joke?

  7. PLEASE don’t open the door to food chains! The developers have already marred the face of Cruz Bay with their mega-monstrosities, & seek now to replace the bays with marinas. There are plenty of local people selling delicious food who need your business. Cafe Roma pizza is wonderful! Uncle Joe’s BBQ … Hercules Pate. There used to be a lady who sold plate lunches of local food in Cruz Bay park – was it called Delores’ Pot? We LOVED eating with her, & never understood why she was shut down. We come to St. John to GET AWAY from the commercialism & cookie-cutter life: NO to any fast-food imports.

  8. What took them so long? St John of old gives me such fond memories. Now it is opening the door to food chains, it has way too many cruise ship visitors, unsightly development and general commercialism. The lure of the almighty dollar continues to strike.

  9. Hah! Domino’s? Pre-order from STT? Dock? I predict this fine offer from the pizza chain will last a week. Hell, we had a Wendy’s right in Cruz Bay that lasted a few moments. And a Subway. St. Johnians don’t care for chain foods. We have excellent food of our own. In Coral Bay Indigo has excellent pizza. Cruz has several fine places. But Donimo’s. Damn, that stuff ain’t even real pizza. They’ll stop wasting paper and ink on the their advertising in no time. Don’t look for a long line of Doministas at the ferry dock. They ain’t gonna be there.

    • I remember seeing the Subway! I also remember when it was a campaign office for some politician. That must have been late 90s, early 2000s.

  10. GAG! BOO! HISS!
    What an obnoxious plan.
    I agree with all of the dissenters.
    Why live on St.John and eat chain store pizza? St.John is not the 51st state.y

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