Does St. John need a dog park?


Chris Angel with Zja-Zja and Phineas Credit: Elsa Angel

Chris Angel thought it does. It was his dying wish that there be a public space for dogs and owners to gather.

The longtime island resident and businessman asked the Trust for Public Land to get involved.  The Trust's John Garrison has spent a lot of his time working too protect Maho Bay land, and is now also working on the dog park.

“The whole community is behind us on this,” he said. “The Community Foundation, Animal Care Center, and individual pet owners are all supportive. The people of St. John want a dog park.”

He’s looking for a two-acre parcel that’s relatively flat, near a public road, and with access to utilities so the dog park can have fresh water, lights and a lockable fence. “The park has had an outpouring of support, so we’re hoping the search won’t take long,” Garrison says.

11 thoughts on “Does St. John need a dog park?”

  1. Chris Angel was a special man. Thank you, John Garrison! Please keep us informed as to what we can do as a community to help you make this happen. A dog park would benefit the island and its residents long into the future.

  2. Even Quayside a beautiful condo resort on Biscayne Bay has it’s own dog park. Communities large and small all over South Florida have dog parks. It fun for everyone!Chris Angel blessed you with his vision.

  3. How will the purchase of the land, the development of the infrastrucutre and the funding of the ongoing operations be funded?

  4. Great idea. A dog park to let unleashed dogs socialize and exercise would be an excellent investment for the island and its wonderful canines.

  5. I dont think the TPL should be using its funds for this in-fact I am shocked they would consider it. There are far more important natural resources that need protection on this island. If dog owners want a park, they should raise the money independent of the funds raised by the TPL to protect land for public use and buy a private parcel. If turned into a dog park, this land would be 1. changed from natural to lighted, plumbed and eroded by usage. 2.presumably cleared of vegetation 3.limit the enjoyment of this land to those who have dogs.

  6. You may be confusing TPL with The Nature Conservancy. TPL sponsors all types of parks, and other lands for “public use”. Not only, but including, land preserved in its natural state. Our National Park could be further protected if we could have a safe, clean, enclosed public space to socialize and exercise our dogs.

  7. Well said! We enjoyed a Florida dog park with Chris and Elsa and their dog several times. Well run, they are a wonderful community asset.

  8. This is a great idea. In addition to this, I wish there was one north shore beach where dogs were allowed to be free with their people.

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