Day Trippin’ to Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Pool Lounge
The marina at Oil Nut Bay

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I apologize for not writing for a few days, but I was out enjoying the island. On Friday, I was lucky enough to head out on the water with Palm Tree Charters. We visited a new-to-me place in the British Virgin Islands, and I loved it so much that I thought I’d tell you all about it!

It’s called Oil Nut Bay, and it was amazing. Oil Nut Bay is a small resort on the northeast side of Virgin Gorda. It’s a pretty far boat ride from Cruz Bay – I believe it took a good hour or so to get out there – and the water has to be pretty calm to get there because no one wants to get tossed around in a boat for an hour. Thankfully Friday was super flat, so we had an enjoyable ride the entire day!

Oil Nut Map

So apparently there are two parts of Oil Nut Bay – the hotel and the marina. The hotel is reserved for guests only, so we visited the marina. And like I said earlier, it’s didn’t disappoint.

It is beautifully decorated, for starters. There is a large bar area with ample seating. There are tables throughout and also little alcoves with comfy lounge seating. It had a pool that was pretty warm, so it was more like a large hotel tub, and really cool overwater hammocks and daybeds. It even had a nice gift shop with a coffee bar. Check out a few pics…

Oil Nut Bar

Oil Nut Dining

Oil Nut Lounge Area

Oil Nut Dining Area

Oil Nut Pool

Oil Nut Overwater Loungers

Beautiful, right? And even better, the drinks were rather inexpensive. There was a small bar menu too, which was also affordable. Check that out:


If you happen to be visiting the Baths on your next trip, perhaps add a stop at Oil Nut Bay to your trip. I promise it won’t disappoint.

That’s all we have for you today, folks. Happy vacation planning! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day Trippin’ to Oil Nut Bay”

  1. Amazing coincidence! I’m sitting here reading this post from our balcony at lovely Scrub Island Resort. We hiked over to the east end of Scrub this morning and could see VG all the way from the baths to oil nut bay, we were just talking about heading over there on a day boat tomorrow, We’ve been to the baths a few times in the past year but haven’t been up to the other end of the island in several years. I think this seals the deal!

  2. What are the advantages of living in USVI vs BVI? Is there a big cost difference? We are US citizens- but husband is more interested in BVI as a vacation home.

  3. I have not been to Oil Nut Bay for many years. The first time the island was untouched and absolutely beautiful! We snorkeled and saw several very large Manta Rays. What a breathtaking site! I will never forget that. The second time the construction was just beginning. I have to say it was a sad site to see a resort going in however I do understand “progress” happens. I’m sure it is still worth the trip and hope to make it there in the future.

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