Cruz Bay resort trumpets reviews


Grande Bay is capitalizing on its Trip Advisor reviews.

“Our goal at Grande Bay is to provide a level of unmatched service on St. John and Trip Advisor agrees,” said John Alvarado, director of sales, in a news release.

Grande Bay sits atop the travel web site’s Speciality Lodging category.

Alvarado credited Paul Helson, the resort's general manager. “Paul brings 35 years of hospitality experience. Many of those years were spent with the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Rosewood,” he added.

3 thoughts on “Cruz Bay resort trumpets reviews”

  1. How about this? Grande Bay and Sirenusa are the worst things that have ever happened to Cruz Bay. The developers felt they had the RIGHT to block everyone’s views and impose their horrific scar on St. John. Money talks. I’m completely pro development. Grande Bay was WRONG and Sirenusa was a complete abortion in financing and concept. Over $50mm in Sirenusa. Where’d it go? Certainly not into construction. Why do the people that now own it, own it? Ahh, the V.I. Some things will never change!

  2. AMEN CoralBayian! I am tired of seeing advertisements touting it as so wonderful!
    Grande Bay and Sirenusa are garish to say the least and some of Cruz Bay’s charm is forever lost thanks to them.
    I’d never patronize or invest in either property.

  3. One more thing- I’ve noticed they seem to always be coming up with new ways to entice interest. i.e. the jeep/boat partial ownership etc. Maybe they’re not selling as well as one might think.
    Too bad if in fact many are sitting empty-
    Could always consider a tear down and make it a park with picnic benches!

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