Coral Bay’s Donkey Diner for sale

Will lightning strike twice?

Sean and Suzanne Rubin
were reading NewsofStJohn.com a few years ago and saw a story that the Donkey Diner was for sale.  That piqued their interest, they investigated, and then bought the place.

The cycle starts again.

Restaurants-for-sale.com is listing the iconic, laid back, top-rated eatery for sale with an asking price of $250,000. The offering puts annual sales for the mostly-breakfast, lunch and pizza business at $272,000.  “This is a cash only operation,” it says in bold type.

The 10-year-old restaurant seats 74 people, indoor and outdoor. “The atmosphere is sometimes mellow, sometimes zany but generally always outrageous!!,” the owners say proudly. 

7 thoughts on “Coral Bay’s Donkey Diner for sale”

  1. And so the exodus continues . . . smart move at this point. This is the third one I know of in Coral Bay recently. Curiously, I heard from professionals and service business owners alike that are headed down the same path. The mantra recitation seems to include “WAPA” and “HOVENSA”, but also revolves around a self-serving, self-enriching government as well. I hope I’m completely wrong, but we’ll see this time next year.

  2. Yikes! It appears that our favorite side o’ the island is changing. Hope it doesn’t become like the Cruz Bay/high end/commercial atmosphere. Oh well, I guess eventually it’ll be like everywhere else in the USA, i.e. CVS/Walgreens/MallWart/DunkinDonuts.There’s no stoppin’ it.

  3. Oh, I am so sad to learn Donkey Diner is for sale. We loved it each and every time we went. We’ll miss it next February. (Why do I assume whatever replaces it will be worse — but I do.)

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